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How To Handle Wintertime Humidity

Is your home dry in the winter? Steve offers a solution for a wife who wants to humidify and a husband who is dead-against it: a heat recovery ventilator.

Escape Winter Blahs with Paint Colour Therapy from PARA Paints

Winter weather has a direct, negative impact on our mood. Discover how to use colour to actually feel better from the paint colour experts at PARA Paints.

Winter's Coming... Is your Home Insulated?

Check out the following energy efficient solutions to insulate your home this winter from the energy efficiency experts at EnWise.

Artwork and Other Healthy Indoor Solutions

Integrative Lifestyle Designer, DeAnna Radaj, recommends incorporating Mother Nature into your home décor, especially in the winter, through artwork.

Garage Road Salt

Salt is very hard on concrete garage floors. Steve Maxwell offers up some great tips to prevent salt damage to your garage floor this winter.

Insulated Duct Work Keeps Attics Cool

Warm attics aren’t good. Canada's handiest man, Steve Maxwell, recommends several duct insulation options to keep your attic cool this winter.

Warming a Cold Floor Over a Garage

Do you have a living space over your garage? Steve Maxwell addresses a very common household problem: cold floors in rooms situated over garages.

Improve Ventilation to Control Wintertime Window Condensation

We’ve all seen it… a buildup of condensation on our windows during the winter. Steve Maxwell says home Ventilation is key to reducing Window Condensation.

Don't get Snowed Under while Shoveling your Driveway

Great snow removal TIPS which will help you clear the snow from your driveway safely and efficiently this winter season.

Ridding Condo Roofs Of Ice Dams In The Winter

Helpful TIPS to eliminate ice damning and wintertime roof leaks from Steve Maxwell, “Canada’s Handiest Man”.

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