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Artwork and Other Healthy Indoor Solutions

Integrative Lifestyle Designer, DeAnna Radaj, recommends incorporating Mother Nature into your home décor, especially in the winter, through artwork.

Barbara is Dying from a Monotone Condo asks Marc to Colour Her World

Barbara asks Marc Atiyolil for inexpensive ideas on adding colour to her white walled condo. Marc proposes adding colour by way of accessories and artwork.

"Hey Fay, Why Not Be the Artist Rather Than Buy the Art?" asks Marc

Fay asks Marc Atiyolil where to find a piece of artwork for under $200 for the fireplace mantel in her dining room.

How Can I Accessorize For Less?

The interior designers at Design2Share offer up some great tips on how to unearth and then integrate artwork and accessories into your home décor

Favourite Antiques - Part III

Take a step back in time by viewing a photo slideshow from Design2Share highlighting some collectible antique furnishings and accessories.

Art Matters

Are you plagued with Art Anxiety? Fear no more. Design2Share's Jay Johnson and Irwin Weiner share their tips to help reduce Art Anxiety.

Choosing the Right Artwork for your Room

Decorating with artwork can be a source of confusion. Interior ReDesigner Kym Tar helps out with great TIPS on choosing artwork to enhance your home décor.

10 Tips for Hanging Artwork

Mystified about how to hang your artwork? Interior ReDesigner, Val Sharp, simplifies the artwork hanging process with these 10 easy artwork hanging TIPS.

Favourite Antiques - Part II

Observe an antique medley of furnishings, accessories and artwork in this must-see photo slideshow from the interior design experts at Design2Share.

Artwork Hanging Made Easy with Nifty Tool

Ah, the fine art of hanging artwork. Take the "guess work" out of hanging artwork with an ingenious tool called Hang & Level.

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