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Decks & Porches

There is no better way to enjoy a sunny summer afternoon than to host your friends and family for a barbeque.  Your deck is the stage for that event so making sure it is in good shape - from the concrete piles to a solid railing.  With so many material options, building a deck can be daunting so turning to a deck expert is always a wise decision.

Start on for deck building and repair how-to or to find local deck pros.

What Latest Kitchen Design Trends Do You Recommend?

Design2Share recommends using high quality appliances and materials in kitchen design. One hot and steamy kitchen appliance trend is the “steamer oven”.

Decorating Video - Landscape Architects and How They Can Help Homeowners

Need to revamp your patio? View this video of landscape architect Stephen L. Canter to see how a landscape architect can help improve your outdoor space.

Should I Get My Heating Ducts Cleaned to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Is the upshot of clean ducts enhanced indoor air quality? Design2Share delves into the maintenance required for home heating ductwork systems.

Decorating Video - Secrets to Getting Great Looking Half Bathrooms

Bathroom design tips from interior design experts! View this video from Design2Share and get essential tips on how to create your perfect half bathroom.

Decorating Video - Trends in Master Bedroom and En Suite Bathroom Designs

Check out the latest in master bedroom and en suite bathroom design in this video from interior designers Nicola Chernicoff & Irwin Weiner of Design2Share.

How Can I Accessorize For Less?

The interior designers at Design2Share offer up some great tips on how to unearth and then integrate artwork and accessories into your home décor

Decorating Video - Top 6 Design Mistakes Made by Homeowners

Check out this amusing video in which interior designers Nicola Chernicoff and Irwin Weiner count down the Top 6 Worst Home Design Mistakes ever...

Decorating Video - Tips on Redecorating Your Living Room

View this video on key things to keep in mind when decorating your living room from interior designers Nicola Chernicoff and Irwin Weiner of Design2Share.

Decorating Video - Save the Dining Room and Make it Special

Great decorating tips on this video from Design2Share's Irwin Weiner and Nicola Chernicoff on how to make your dining room more functional.

Decorating Video - Do Fireplaces Add Value to a Home?

View this video on adding a fireplace to your living room, dining room, bedroom or even bathroom from Design2Share’s Nicola Chernicoff and Irwin Weiner.

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