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TURF your Lawn Mower with Eco-friendly Landscaping

Fake lawns mean turning off sprinklers, parking lawnmowers and purging pesticides. View a photo slideshow of lush, eco-friendly landscapes from AGLgrass.

Create a Bird Watching Haven in your Garden

In this video Kathy Russell, the category manager for bird food at Scotts, offers up some great tips to best attract birds to your garden.

Green Gardening Advise

Horticulturalist Charlie Dobbins offers up five eco-friendly gardening tips in this must-see video.

Lovely Lawns

View this photo slideshow which showcases AGL Grass landscaping projects. You, too, can have a lovely, lavish lawn with a little help from AGL Grass.

Decorating Video - Landscape Architects and How They Can Help Homeowners

Need to revamp your patio? View this video of landscape architect Stephen L. Canter to see how a landscape architect can help improve your outdoor space.

How Do Your Flowers Grow?

Flowers and other plants generate their own special energy and create a fresh, healthy atmosphere.

Great Fake, Eco-Friendly Landscape

Landscaping company raises the bar on eco-friendly lawns. No, watering, fertilizing or mowing required when one installs eco-friendly, artificial grass.

casaGURU Concierge is Catching Eyes

casaGURU is revolutionizing the Home Show experience by means of a program called The Concierge which directs Home Show attendees to booths which pertain to their upcoming home projects. The Concierge program also highlights relevant deals that will save Home Show attendees money.

national home show concierge casaguru

There are clusters of kiosks at Home Show entrances and the entire process takes only about 5 minutes. If you haven’t been to the Home Show yet and are planning to go, be sure to swing by a kiosk on your way in to save time and money, plus be eligible for multiple contests. If you’ve already gone to the Home Show and tried The Concierge, please let us know what you thought.

concierge kiosks national home show toronto casaguru

The Concierge program, in its pilot year, has already begun to garner interest from the media. Check out what the Toronto Star and the National Post had to say about the program, respectively:

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