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Welcome to eRenovate where our
Pros enjoy these exclusive benefits.

Be Bonded by eRenovate™,
Gain homeowner trust.

That’s right! Only eRenovate stands behind your work.
  FACT: 64% of homeowners don’t Trust contractors. Today our Bonded Pros stand out because only they can offer the eRenovate Guarantee. Provide trust like never before.

Your Business is different.
Our Bonding process is too!

Did you know... the traditional Bonding process is stressful and not build for Canadian renovator and trades. Plus it can cost you $3K-$5K per year! Good news is, you can leap-frog the typical bond application process with eRenovate.

Use Project Tracker,
Clients will love your for it.

Our no-sweat, easy-to-use Project Tracker keeps your project details in one place. Built for renovators and trades who are usually ‘on the tools’, the simple Project Tracker remembers the big picture and the smaller details, so you don’t have to. Keep clients happy and up to date on their project details.

Instant referral network.
Reserved for Bonded Pros.

Only eRenovate™ Pros get referred to clients of our growing list of Partners. That’s right!! Designers, Home Inspectors, Energy Advisors, Realtors, and Home Stagers refer clients to eRenovate to hire our Bonded Pros, so their clients get the eRenovate Guarantee.

Closing leads is a breeze,
by offering our Guarantee.

Trust isn't what it used to be; We all know it. More and more Bonded Pros are promoting our Guarantee and Project Tracker to all their clients, to help seal the deal. Ready to close more leads by offering the eRenovate Guarantee? Well then, let's get started!

Insurance Plans for our
Pros and Their Families

Through an exclusive partnership, eRenovate Pros will have access to a full range of Group Insurance coverage for Health and Dental Plans. Available exclusively to Bonded by eRenovate™ Pros and their families. Coming Soon!



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Only Verified Pros can become Bonded by eRenovate.

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