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Let Qualified Leads find you!

We do not charge you per lead – that’s just not cool. Running a business is expensive enough already. eRenovate sends you Leads matched to your expertise. Stop doing business the old-fashioned unlimited way; Work smarter with eRenovate where homeowners looking for real pros can find you.
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Get Bonded by eRenovate!

That’s right we stand behind you all the way. FACT: Trust is key in a homeowners hiring decision. Become a Verified Pro, get Bonded by eRenovate! That means ultimate Trust, proving to homeowners that we guarantee you will fulfill your contract.  Save yourself $1,000s of dollars, stress and time of getting bonded the normal way.
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Offer Financing to clients!

Close more Leads! eRenovate’s Client financing means growth. You can now offer fast, convenient financing solutions for clients. Many financing programs today are like highway robbery! Not here. The eRenovate finance partner is owned by Warren Buffet, offering your clients better financing with bank comparable rates, and honest, open loans crafted to each client’s needs! Add eRenovate Financing to your toolbox today!

Build Your Brand, and Pro Network!

You build many things. ProLynk by eRenovate™, is the social network for renovators and tradespeople to build their Pro referral network. ProLynk also provides resources, expert advice and tips from leading brands. Learn. Build. Connect. Start today…
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Get Leads while on the go!

The eRenovatePro App means business. It makes it easy to introduce your business to homeowner projects that interest you, and to add a personal touch by sending a video intro too! It’s your Mobile Command Centre, with your contacts, tasks, and new leads all in the palm of your hand. Download the app with a tap. Waste less time. Make more money.

One profile, many listings!

Did you know that only Verified by eRenovate™ Pros are allowed to be listed on our partner sites and directories? That’s right!  Municipalities, Home Improvement sites and Home Inspection Services list Verified Pros to make sure their clients only connect with the best Pros.
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Stand out from the Crowd

Trust isn't what it used to be, and homeowners know it. That's why trustworthy contractors, renovators, and tradespeople get Verified by eRenovate™.  You’re a skilled, honest building Pro, and eRenovate™ lets you prove it to the world. Homeowners trust the Verified seal because it actually means something.
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Only Verified contractors gain access to reno projects in their area.

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