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About eRenovate

eRenovate was created to help homeowners like you, save the time and stress of finding trustworthy Pros. Using eRenovate, hand-pick top contractors right from your phone, laptop or tablet.

eRenovate is a home-grown Canadian company, founded by homeowners who have experienced 'renovation let-downs'. For that reason, we're dedicated to help ease the stress in starting home improvement or renovation project.

At eRenovate, we work hard everyday, and we love what we do. Our sole mission is to be an acting force of good in the renovation and home improvement industry; To make this industry more transparent for homeowners, and allow reliable renovators and contractors to stand out!

Today, we proudly offer you our innovative mobile app, to easily describe your project needs. eRenovate is the safest and most hassle-free way to make your renovation dreams come true, and is becoming Canada’s most trusted renovation resource. How? Well, by connecting Canadians with only Verified by eRenovate™ pros, and offering timely advice for your project.

Based in Toronto, eRenovate will be serving a growing number of Canadian cities from coast to coast into 2017

We thank you for using eRenovate, and hope you enjoy using it. Let’s work together to improve the industry, and help family and friends towards Happy eRenovating! Please Contact us with feedback and ideas on how we can make eRenovate even better. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you and Happy eRenovating!

The eRenovate Team