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You intended to visit casaGURU but ended up here. Well, casaGURU is no longer serving our community, and we thank you all for the love over the years. We’ve now moved to eRenovate. Good news is, eRenovate is the best way to complete all your home improvement projects, BIG and small.

eRenovate is the safest, easiest and fastest way to connect with Verified contractors, who you can Hire with Confidence! We invite you to take a look around to learn more - we think you'll like what you see.

If you have any questions, please email us at help@erenovate.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Why eRenovate?

  • Easy to describe Project
  • Meet verified Pros
  • Decide why to meet
  • Hire the best

Renovating Just Got a Lot Easier

Why search for great contractors when we’ve already found Canada’s best. Every Verified by eRenovate™ has met Canada’s highest verification standard. They’re licensed, insured, trustworthy and government-registered pros who pledge to do it right the first time.

eRenovate is a home-grown, Canadian dedicated to helping homeowners make Better renovation and home improvement decisions. The eRenovate App is the safest, easiest and most hassle-free way to make home improvement dreams come true. Have 2 minutes? Watch the video to learn how it works.


How does eRenovate work?

Tell us what you need

Our process makes it super simple to describe your project.

Quickly snap photos or video of your space - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Answer simple questions specific to the type of project. Really simple, we promise.

Get Introduced to Verified Pros

Post Your Project, and sit back. We got it from here.

We'll match your project and share the project details with Verified Pros who you can hire with confidence.

Don't worry, we will keep your personal details private.

Compare the professionals

Pros interested in your project reply thru eRenovate.

Compare profiles, ballpark estimates and you can call or message pros with your questions.

Decide which Pros to meet on-site to quotes your project.

Hire your favourite Pro

When you're ready, hire the Verified by eRenovate™ pro that's best for you.

Once the project is complete, review their work to share your experience.

eRenovate is for all your projects, big and small.

Renovating. Simplified.

Fast, free relief of reno pain.™


Thank You to Our Partners

We’re grateful for your support and sharing our vision.

Hand-Pick Top Contractors Right from Your iPhone!

The eRenovate app is free and simple. Snap some photos, take a video, answer a few questions, then hit a button. Sit back and watch estimates from Canada's best pros come to you on your smartphone. Request to meet your favourites and only they receive your contact details.

Download on the

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Don’t have a smartphone? No worries. eRenovate works with your tablet, laptop or desktop computer, too. Click the button to get started today!