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FAQ | Renovation and Home Improvement Projects Matched with Verified Contractors │ eRenovate Homeowners



What is eRenovate™?
You want to hire reliable contractors. Well, eRenovate is Canada’s first, and only free mobile app and website, connecting homeowners with Verified by eRenovate™ contractors. eRenovate is the safest, fastest and easiest way to get FREE estimates from trustworthy Pros. You save time, money and avoid the stress of finding the right contractor to hire. eRenovate is Click. Connect. Quote.
What is Verified by eRenovate™?
Trust isn't what it used to be in the world, and you know it. That's why trustworthy contractors, renovators, and tradespeople get Verified by eRenovate™. It's Canada's most demanding verification program for home renovation professionals. Contractors cannot just pay their way into eRenovate as with other sites and programs. No paying for priority listing. You need to show you've got experience, insurance, licensing and we re-check annually. Why search for reliable contractors, when we found them for you already?
How does eRenovate work?
Using our Free App or website, you Post A Project, and here’s how it works;
1) describe your project super easily by photos, video, and a quick details survey,
2) Submit your project, and we match it to the best pros, who reply with estimates and even video intro
3) Review their estimate, and detailed profile, then you decide who, when and if to meet by requestingameetingon-site with your favourites, to get a written quote.
Easy as Click. Connect. Quote.
Is there any cost to use eRenovate?
Not at all. Homeowners never pay a thing for using the eRenovate app or website. eRenovate’s unique service is funded by contractors annual fee, and corporate sponsors such as our Title Sponsor, Enbridge.
When I post my project, is my information shared?
Absolutely not! Your Privacy is Our priority. Your project is anonymously posted. Contractors only see your project details, and city. Only the contractors that you Request to Meet, ever receive your details. Also, your email address is not even shared or rented to 3rd parties. We promise!
Why should I post my project details?
Remember, eRenovate is the best way to describe your project and get estimates from Verified pros. Why search, phone and/or email contractor and hopes they call back, are reliable and will do a good job, and not run off with your money! Post your project on eRenovate, and we’ll do the rest. Just sit back, get estimates, decide who to meet, get quotes, and hire the contractor you like best.
What type of projects can eRenovate help with?
All kinds. There are eRenovate contractors who do everything from painting and general repairs right up to building multi-million dollar homes. Roofing, bathrooms, kitchens, insulation, flooring, basement finishing, trim work, landscaping, drywall, skylight installation plus heating and ventilation are just a few. If a job needs to be done in or around your house, eRenovate probably has verified people to make it happen. And if not today, we will very soon.
Is eRenovate really free?
Yes it’s free! Contractors pay a very small annual Verification fee. We do not require any commission from the contractors. So this does not impact the estimate nor quote, since they do not pay us. Thus, eRenovate is a genuinely free service. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air!? You can pay us, by helping spreading the word or Like Us on Facebook.
Am I obligated to hire?
Not at all. eRenovate is here to help you easily describe your needs, and match your project with Verified by eRenovate™ pros. Since we connect you with Canada’s most reliable pros, we are confident you will meet and hire the best pro for your project.
How do I describe my project?
No worries, we got you covered. eRenovate developed a super easy process; for each category, we ask a few simple questions that will provide important details of the project. Along with your photos and video, these provide contractors with sufficient details for you to start receiving estimates right to your mobile device, and email.
Can I ask contractors questions about their estimate?
Yes indeed. You can anonymously chat with the contractors using eRenovate’s system. And remember, the eRenovate system allows contractors to provide a description of the estimate to provide you with a better understanding of what you can expect.
Why communicate only through eRenovate?
eRenovate designed our system to keep things simple. We’ve built the eRenovate to keep your project estimates, details, and chat discussion in one convenient and safe place, prior to hiring the best contractor. When you communicate outside of eRenovate, you miss out on the convenience.
Can I meet with contractors before deciding whom to hire?
Of course! eRenovate allows you to Request a meeting with your favourites only. Once you meet on-site, you can interview the contractors, and after they provide you written quotes, you will feel confident about your final decision. And remember, all the contractors you meet have all met Canada’s highest verification standard.
Does eRenovate guarantee the work of Verified by eRenovate™ contractors?
While the success of a project is ultimately up to you and your contractor, all eRenovate tradespeople carry the highest verification ratings in Canada. Each one has proven in writing that they have at least a three year track record of success and are licensed and insured. We monitor these claims closely to make sure that all contractors using the Verified by eRenovate designation are legit and current with their insurance and licenses.
Where does eRenovate operate?
eRenovate is an all-Canadian company headquartered in Toronto. Currently the eRenovate service is available in Toronto and Ottawa, and we’re expanding it to other Canadian communities. It takes time to develop a base of contractors in a given area, so we do apologize if we’re not in your area yet. Sign up here to be notified the moment eRenovate comes to your community.
Q: Do I need a smartphone to use eRenovate?
No smartphone, no worries. eRenovate works on desktops, tablets and laptops too. We do recommend using the eRenovate App to get the most out of eRenovate. Either way, eRenovate will save you time and headaches.