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$25,000 Deposit Payment Protection and
our 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee.

We stand behind Bonded by eRenovate™ Pros because they’re committed to you.
  Hire a Bonded Pro™ and get Peace of Mind like never before!

How it works

Start by using the Post My Project tool to submit your project and we'll match your project with 3 Bonded by eRenovate™ Pros. Once you’re ready to hire the Bonded Pro of your choice, click the Hire With Guarantee button in your Project Dashboard, and your Pro will ensure your Project is covered by the eRenovate Guarantee. We even provide the easy-to-use Project Scope tool, to keep track of key project details and help projects run smoother.

In the rare event that an issue arises, you can simply Report an Issue using the Project Scope tool, to notify the Pro and get the issue resolved with the Bonded Pro. The eRenovate Project Success Team are here to help along the way when required. You can review the full Terms and Conditions here.

What it covers

The eRenovate Guarantee offers consists of two key elements;

  • up to $25,000 Deposit Payment protection, and/or
  • The 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee

The Deposit Payment protection covers an initial payment made directly the Verified Pro you hired via eRenovate to start the project, in the event that the Pro disappears or misappropriates the deposit funds,

Workmanship Guarantee is directly and primarily related to the project scope performed by the Verified Pro you hired via the eRenovate website, using the eRenovate Guarantee process. The Workmanship Guarantee must be a result of services rendered based on your original project. Add-on projects or future projects not requested through eRenovate, even if completed by a eRenovate Pro, are not covered.


The eRenovate Guarantee covers projects from basements to roofing, in over 20 categories. The eRenovate Guarantee only covers the homeowner (the “Homeowner”) who hires an active, Bonded by eRenovate™Pro (a “Bonded Pro”)by clicking on the Hire with Guarantee button on eRenovate. Any projects or contracts happening outside of eRenovate, and do not use the eRenovate Project Scope Platform, are not covered by the eRenovate Guarantee.

Once you decide which Pro to hire, it is required to activate the Guarantee for the project, via the easy-to-use eRenovate Project Scope Platform. It’s important to remember that if you do not use the eRenovate Project Scope Platform when starting your project with a Bonded Pro, your project is not protected by the eRenovate Guarantee under our Terms and Conditions nor will you receive any of the safeguards the eRenovate Project Scope Platform delivers.

If an eRenovate Pro asks you to enter into a contract without using the eRenovate Project Scope Platform - - or if you think a Bonded Pro might be abusing our eRenovate Guarantee process, let us know by clicking the flag icon to report the incident. Starting a project without activating the Guarantee via the Project Scope Platform also puts you at greater risk of fraud and other common project issues.

With decades of experience, eRenovate and our partners created the easiest way to track projects with your Pro. The Project Scope platform gives you what you need to stay in sync, manage details, and reach your project goals!

The Project Scope platform includes simple tools that enable you to message your Bonded Pro, store supporting documents, including your signed Contract. The Project Scope platform also offers Project Milestones, payment schedule and more to create clear expectations.

It is recommended both parties maintain a dialogue within the Project Scope platform to be protected by the eRenovate Guarantee.

Once the project begins, and activated on the Project Scope platform, your communication or project changes that are agreed to outside of the Project Scope platform could impact the validity of any claim.

In the odd instance when a dispute occurs, it can usually be resolved directly with the Bonded Pro. However, to submit a Deposit Payment Theft or Maintenance issue, please fill out this form and submit it through the eRenovate Project ScopePlatform.

After we receive notification of your report, we’ll help resolve the issue. Our first priority is to facilitate conversations between you and the Bonded Pro to resolve the concerns directly.

If this is unsuccessful, we will then start our internal eRenovate Guarantee process to determine the best solution based on whether it was a Deposit Refund issue or a Workman ship related issue.

At eRenovate, we are homeowners too and understand the stress involved in home renovations, especially when issues arise. The good news is, the eRenovate Guarantee partners are well experienced in effectively resolving issues.The timeline for the resolution process is different in each case, with many different factors.

For Deposit Refund Protection, you can expect that within 15 days of the date that eRenovate provides written notice that the Deposit is due to the Homeowner, or that the project must be completed (the “Deposit Notice”), you will either receive a refund of your Deposit, or the Bonded Pro will have begun taking steps to complete your project. The length of time this can take will depend primarily upon the following:

  • - how quickly you reportthe issue to eRenovate via the Project Scope platform,
  • - the responsiveness of the Bonded Pro, and evaluating their situation,
  • - the communication between eRenovate, our Insurance partner and the Bonded Pro,
  • - contract, correspondence and other documentation between you and the Bonded Pro uploaded to the system.

For Maintenance related issues, you can expect that within 15 days of the date that eRenovate provides written notice that the Bonded Pro has failed to comply with the Maintenance Obligations (the “Maintenance Notice”) either the Bonded Pro or eRenovate will have begun rectifying the default of the Maintenance Obligations. The length of time that it will take eRenovate to issue the Maintenance Notice will depend primarily upon the following:

  • - how effectively you and the Bonded Pro communicate to resolve the matter,
  • - how quickly you respond to eRenovate
  • - the nature of the workmanship issue and complexity of your project
  • - contract, correspondence and other documentation between you and theBonded Pro uploaded to the system.

Yes absolutely, we’re here to help. For questions, comments and feedback about eRenovate and the eRenovate Guarantee, please feel free to use our Contact Us form. Remember, if you wish to report an issue on a Project, use this form.

No. The eRenovate Guarantee is not an insurance policyand does not insure you or any other person.

The eRenovate Guarantee only covers Deposit Theft Refund up to $25,000 and an 88 Day Maintenance(Workmanship) Guarantee after project completion.

The eRenovate Guarantee does not cover any project that occurs outside of the eRenovate Platform and did not activate the Project Guarantee via the Project Scope platform, any project that involves a business which is not Bonded by eRenovate™,nor any project that involves an inactive Bonded by eRenovate™ Pro.

The eRenovate Guarantee does not cover performance issues. The Guarantee relates to Deposit Theft Refund Guarantee and the 88 Maintenance (Workmanship) Guarantee which is activated once the Homeowner and Bonded Proboth confirm the project is complete.

Each contractor is subject to a claim limit of up to $25,000 per project. Each contractor is also subject to an aggregate claims limit based on estimated revenues generated via the eRenovate platform. As a result, depending on the size and total number of claims against any single contractor, this could result in partial or pro-rata payments to Homeowners.

For further information please see full eRenovate Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Here is an overview of the unparalleled, eRenovate Guarantee. You can read and understand the full details of the eRenovate Guarantee in the Terms and Conditions.

The eRenovate Guarantee covers your projects when you: (i)use the eRenovate Post My Project tool (ii), areas a registered user (iii) hire an active Verified by eRenovate™ business on eRenovate using the Hire This Pro button, and (iv) follow the eRenovate Guarantee process and the Terms and Conditions.

  1. The eRenovate Guarantee can cover;

    1. Deposit Payment protection up to $25,000, incurred as a direct result of payment made directly to a Verified Pro, as per your signed Contract with your selected Verified Pro,
    2. an 88 Day Maintenance Guarantee providing protection for workmanship issues arising within the 88 day period upon project completion, directly related to the Project that was completed as part of your signed Contract with your selected Verified Pro,
  2. Among other conditions, you and your Verified Pro must use the simple eRenovate Guarantee process called the Project Scope Details and abide by the Terms and Conditions, to activate the project to be covered by the eRenovate Guarantee,

  3. The Project Scope Details does not replace the signed Contract entered into between you and the Pro, which must be uploaded onto the Project Scope Details, and clearly outline details as per the Terms & Conditions, in order to be covered by the eRenovate Guarantee. You are responsible for ensuring that your project and Contract meet the requirements of the Terms and Conditions.

  4. Any other project details beyond the project details on the signed Contract, are not the responsibility of eRenovate and are not covered by the eRenovate Guarantee,

  5. In the rare event a Deposit Payment issue arises, eRenovate requires users to make every good faith attempt to resolve the Deposit Payment issues with the Pro you hired. If unsuccessful, eRenovate will begin its internal process to ensure availability and payment of the Guarantee, if applicable to the Project.

  6. . In the rare event a Workmanship issue arises in regard to your project to which the Guarantee is available, you are required to use the Report an Issue tool on eRenovate to notify the Verified Pro. eRenovate requires both you and the Verified Pro to make every good faith attempt to resolve any Workmanship Issues. Most workmanship issues are resolved amicably,

  7. In the rare event a Workmanship issues is not resolved, eRenovate will use reasonable efforts to help Verified Pros resolve issues directly with you, by reviewing the Project Scope Details, the signed Contract between you and the Verified Pro, and all the Project related documents uploaded to the eRenovate platform , as required under the Terms and Conditions. If unsuccessful, eRenovate will being its internal process to determine your eligibility for the amount covering the Maintenance Damages as assessed, see the full Terms and Conditions,

  8. eRenovate’s obligation to pay any users any deposit or workmanship guarantees is conditional on (a) the user and Verified Pro abiding by the Terms and Conditions; and (b) eRenovate first receiving payment from its surety and/or insurance partners in regard to such guarantee claims.

Please remember to start your project on eRenovate using the Post My Project tool, click Hire A Pro button to initiate and follow the Project Scope Details process on eRenovate to be covered by the eRenovate Guarantee.